About ChewConn

ChewConn is an application which can be used on devices running iOS. ChewConn helps students at the University of Connecticut instantly view food being served at different dining halls, as well as local restaurants in the Storrs area.

Some of the main features are listed below:

Instantly View Menus

You can choose any of the 8 dining halls at UConn to see what's being served for today and tomorrow!

Restaurants & Discounts

ChewConn features local restaurants in the Storrs area, as well as discounts and reward programs for certain restaurants.

Dining Hall Status

Not sure what's open? ChewConn will tell you if a dining hall is closed or if it's serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night.

Apple Health

You can view nutrition facts for individual food items by clicking on them. If you are monitoring your diet, you can log foods to Apple Health where the nutritional information will be tracked in your dietary log.


Wings? Pasta bar? Pick your favorite foods and easily see which dining halls are serving them.


Quickly find the food you want using ChewConn's search feature.


For support, questions, concerns, and feature suggestions, please email ChewConnMailer@gmail.com and we will attempt to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

ChewConn (the iOS app and this website) are developed and maintained by me, Trevor Phillips. I am a UConn alumni ('18) and robotics engineer.